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Extending Shelf-Life, Improving Quality, Reducing Food Waste

Advancing the Implementation of Commercially Viable, Sustainable, Next-Generation Shelf-Life Extension Innovations in Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Supply Chains at Scale

With 2021 touted as the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), it is more important than ever to come together as a community to discuss how to maintain produce freshness throughout the supply chain and tackle the food waste problem generating trillion-dollar losses for the industry.

The Fresh Produce Shelf-Life Extension Technologies Digital Summit is the only dedicated virtual summit exploring how to improve the shelf life and quality of fresh produce, sharing implementation case studies from leading companies and showcasing the novel technological advances powering the new wave of solutions for food waste prevention.

Wherever you are along the fresh produce value chain, this virtual event will equip you with the information and partnerships needed to leverage novel post-harvest technologies to extend the shelf life of your fresh produce, in a commercially viable and sustainable way, whilst also improving taste and quality.

What You Will Learn


Discover the changing market drivers and consumer trends reshaping the fresh produce industry to align your strategy with future consumer purchasing patterns


Determine how to effectively integrate next-generation post-harvest technologies into your current supply chain to leverage shelf-life, quality and sustainability benefits for your produce.


Understand the potential of novel shelf-life extension innovations with key case studies from leading stakeholders across the value chain to inform your future implementation decisions.


Discover how to best assess the effectiveness and viability of novel technologies, understanding how to measure shelf-life improvements accurately and objectively.

Explore consumer perception of shelf-life extension technologies and discuss how best to communicate with them to ensure they respond positively, increasing sales.

Who You Will Meet

   Biotechnology Companies


   Global Retailers
   Regulatory Bodies
   Packaging Manufacturers


   Fresh Produce Growers


   Consumer Trend Analysts




   Fresh Produce Packers & Distributors  


   Academics & Research Institutions


   Logistics, Tracking & Software Providers


   Post-harvest Technology Providers


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